Big Screen



Green power - Passively cooled media Center

The products that we sell our environmentally friendly-green. The Vizons Media products are designed to use the least amount of power coupled with passive cooling. Besides saving power our products are visually attractive in the standard mount as well as the art deco style while offering our customers an Audio/Visual experience second to none.

Total Control - A Vizions Media Experience!

You have total control of movies to include backups, cover art, actor thumbs, fan art are at your fingertip using the VMC-control. Storing your music with Album covers, setting up play lists and party modes are just clicks away. With you Internet connection wired or wirelessly using your VMC-control you can select on demand content from providers such as Net Flix, Utube, CNN, and APPLE to name a few. You can also display on the bottom of the main VMC-center screen up to the minute RSS feeds from Fox News, Stock tickers, and many more with current weather. All this from the VMC-control main menu you have control over your entire media experience. Watch movies in one room and listen to music in another location. Provide all of the above to any location in the House/Boat/Airplane that has a VMR or VMA remote station attached.

With our fantastic up scaling video content features, your SD DVD's come to life to rival HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Watch your SD DVD's as you've never seen them before with the highest quality video in 480, 720 and 1080i/P formats. Listen to sound reproduction in either DTS, DD, 5.1 and 7.1 using HDMI, Optical or Coaxial connections and bring your movie listening experience to an incredible level. Watch your Pictures from your vacations, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in a Pan/Scan slideshow format while you listen to your favorite music collection. Your guests or family members can have the same exact control and access of the media from another location within you household using the VMR or VMA remote station.