Within the Programs menu you will find an entire sub menu selection for the backing up of your purchased DVD's, CD's, Pictures and Home Videos for archiving to the Digi-Center. In addition to providing backup's there are additional sources for viewing of streaming on-line content from broadcasters such as NBC. SCYFY, USA networks, CNN, G4, Apple TV, HULU, YouTube and many, many more. As a bonus to viewing streaming on-line content, you now have the ability to social network if you have purchased the optional Digi-Mini (keyboard) to sites such as My Space, Twitter, Face Book and so much more1. As for backing up you can select from the sub menu's to backup your media in its original format to another DVD or save it to your disk either un-compressed (4.5GB Average for SD DVD's) or to save space in a compressed format (1.8GB AVG). Our conversion algorithms for compression of audio and video are of the highest quality2 and to save space it will allow you to backup your purchased DVD's in an H264 MKV format with Dolby Digital AC3 for Home viewing thus increasing your Digi-Center's backup space three (3) times greater while experiencing no loss of video clarity. If you want the highest quality Video to WOW your family and friends, then back it up in the uncompressed format and when you need additional storage space just select the Digi-Stor4/8. This will provide you with up to an additional 3000+ DVD's, Music, Pictures or home Video's in standard (SD) uncompressed format. The system is extremely modular and will grow with your needs, and as of this publication, space and power outlets is your only limiting factor. You also have the flexibility to backup your DVD's to H264 MP4 with AAC format for IPods' (Iphone and Itouch included) and or generic hand held devices including PDA's, MS Zune and many more.. The choice is yours as to what media player you want to backup to. Backing up and storage of Music is covered in the Music folder on this site so we won't be redundant3. Again, this system is designed to be used by anyone in the family, it is that easy, and everyone will enjoy the simplicity of the design.

The Programs menu is only available with the Dig-Center product and is not available to the Digi-stations attached. This is so you can control the type of media that will be backup to your main Media Center. Although, the Digi-stations will have full access to everything stored as well as all the available streaming on-line content to include twitter, MySpace and Face Book. Call or visit one of the professional AV specialists listed on our site for your demonstration and system installations. You will be glad you did .

KaPow, you've been WOW'd



1Programs menu

2Compression of Videos will be hardly noticeable unless your are a Videophile, then we do not recommend compression.

3We are constantly updating our A/V compression techniques to bring you the best available.