Movies, located on the Vizions custom GUI, are where you select what you want to watch from your purchased or backed up movies. If and when you backup your movies they are saved in an ascending chronological order in their original or compressed form by the Vizions operating system. The Movie menu icon is where you select a movie to watch by clicking on the cover art associated with that movie. From there you have the ability to read the plot, verify the actors, directors or see a trailer of the movie you want to watch. With this feature you do not need to find the movie case to read the information from the back, just sit back and enjoy the freedom of viewing your movie collection. Once the movie has begun you have the options of fast forward/rewind from 2X - 32X speeds, skip forward by tracks, pause, stop and adjust the aspect ratio in real time using the select button on your remote. If for some reason you stop a movie instead of letting it finish, the next time you start the movie it will prompt you to start from where it left off or start it from the beginning. You also have the ability to change1 the thumb or cover art of your movies as well as the poster art if you do not like the standard defaults by navigating into the settings/content screen. All this control is accomplished by using the labeled buttons on your basic or touch screen remotes, the included quick start users guide has a layout of all the buttons as well as the descriptions of what they do. This complete (Digi-Centers and Digi-Stations) are designed to be used by anyone in the family 5+ yrs of age, it is that easy, although we have found children to catch on the fastest.

Changing of the predefined aspect ratio while watching a movie is accomplish by pushing the select button on the remote which will toggle you through the different ratio's for viewing in what best suits your tastes. We allow you to watch the movie in the standard directors cut format, but if you prefer it in a larger or smaller format, just a simple click of the select button on the remotes takes you through all the available viewing modes. Yes, it is just that easy and works with SD as well as HD movies. There are many more features of this product and we welcome you to read the user's guide either on-line or in your printed version and then ask questions of your friendly installer after installation when they are demoing the use of your new Vizions Media Center. The stunning movies you will watch coupled with a 5.1 or 7.1 Digital surround sound system in either DD or DTS is simply amazing. Wow your family and friends with the Vizions Media experience.

KaPow, you've been WOW'd



1This feature for cover art, fan art, actor information, pictures of actors and movie trailers requires a wired or wireless connection to the internet.