Picture central is where your store and backup your cherished pictures and once again they are saved in an ascending chronological order. From here you can select a single picture if stored in that format or by album and album name. Once you select a single picture or a picture within an album you have a variety of options. Pressing the select key on the remote will rotate the picture up to a full 360 degrees, or by depressing the info button on the remote will toggle information on the picture being displayed (dimensions in pixels, filename and order in slideshow ). By pressing the right or left arrow on the remote it will display the next or previous picture respectively even when in slide show format. When viewing pictures you will love the regressive slide show feature where you pictures come alive by sliding in and out of frames, zooming in until it fills the screen, even if the screen is 120" diagonal! Listen to your music while viewing family vacations, outings with friends and family, concerts, races, fairs, etc.. This is no limit on the amount of pictures that can be stored, all you need to do is add the optional Digi-stor to continue storing your favorite music, pictures, videos and movies. High Def pictures are a work of art when displayed through the Vizions Media Center. As a bonus, the Vizions Media Center, adds a selection that takes you out on the internet1 to view pictures from various artists in a slide show format. After all, you do want to be entertained, that's what this product was developed for!

Picture this, you're setting at home with the lights dimmed sipping some fine adult beverages with enjoyable company, watching your last ski trip or cruise while listening to some smooth jazz or easy listening music.

Now Wow your family and friends with the Vizions Media expierence.

KaPow, you've been WOW'd



1This feature requires a wireless or wired internet connection